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Browse our new training courses for the transmission professional. Each video training series is power packed with hours upon hours of information to help you further your knowledge of the transmission industry as well as mastering diagnostic information which is necessary in our field of interest.

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2016 ATSG Technical Seminar - Wayne Colonna & Pete Luban             Rebuilding The JF011E CVT Transmission - Wayne Colonna

2016 ATSG Transmission Seminar with                                   JF011-E Continuously Variable Transmission

Wayne Colonna & Peter Luban                                                 Disassembly and Reassembly

DL501-7Q-oB5-S-Tronic Transmission Disassembly and Reassembly Tips - Wayne Colonna             Auto Transmission Diagnostics Scanner Tips with Wayne Colonna

DL501-7Q / 0B5 / S-Tronic Transmission Disassembly           Automatic Transmission Diagnostics: Scanner Tips

and Reassembly Tips with Wayne Colonna                             with Wayne Colonna

Automatic Transmissions & Transaxles - Wayne Colonna             ATSG Insights for Drivability Techs Wayne Colonna

ASE-A2 Test Prep General Transmission Diagnosis              ATSG Insights for Drivability Techs 2015 with

with Wayne Colonna                                                                  Wayne Colonna

ATSG Chrysler 42-47RE Transmision Diagnostics            ATSG MERCEDES 722-6 TRANSMISSION

Chrysler 42-47 RE Transmission Diagnostics with                  Mercedes/Chrysler 722.6 Transmission with

Wayne Colonna Wayne Colonna

Automatic Transmission Service Group Insights with Wayne Colonna               2015 ATSG Technical Seminar with Wayne Colonna & Peter Luban

Automatic Transmission Service Group Insights with             2015 ATSG Technical Seminar with Wayne Colonna 

Wayne Colonna                                                                             & Peter Luban

2014 ATSG Seminar with Wayne Colonna and Peter Luban

2014 ATSG Technical Seminar with Wayne Colonna 

Peter Luban