You can speak to one of our technical representatives pertaining to the problem of your transmission through our pay per call option. Call Our Toll Free Hotline: (800) 245-7722

Pay Per Call (information/description/guidelines)

A Pay Per Call entitles the caller to receive technical help from one of our experts pertaining to a specific complaint or issue on a specific vehicle with a transmission related problem. This includes troubleshooting help or answers to a question related to rebuilding the transmission. Once you call us we will call you back.

 The cost of the call is $40.00 US currency.

 Pay Per Call (PPC) Guidelines

 1. The caller should have knowledge and or a background in the transmission industry.

 2. The call for the specific complaint or issue will be open for 30 days. If the vehicle comes back with the same complaint, after the 30 day period you may have to pay for another call. ATSG is in the business of helping people and may waive the fee if it is within reason.

    *Note: the pay per call is not set up for more than one complaint or issue. If there are other questions on different transmissions or vehicles, additional PPC will have to be purchased.

 3. There is a 10 call limit. If after 5 calls the problem is not resolved, ATSG may assign a different technician to help get the problem resolved. If the problem is not resolved ATSG reserves the right to refund the PPC. If you find that you are needing more help and would like to be a member, please see the "Membership" tab above or on the home page, as there are a few options and we would be happy to serve you more!

 4. If you need information emailed or faxed to you, we will be happy to do so. There is a $10.00 charge for this option of up to 10 pages of material. Note: visit our book store and you may find one of our manuals will have the information needed for a small additional cost.