How much does it cost to become a member of ATSG?


After signing up with ATSG, how soon can we begin to use the service?

  • Within approximately 15 minutes.


Does ATSG have a warranty program?

  • Yes, ATSG does have an Advantage Warranty program for members that would like to participate in the program.


Is there an extra charge to participate in the Advantage Warranty program?

  • No, it is included in the cost of your ATSG membership.


How much does it cost to attend an ATSG seminar?

  • Members pay $150 (pre-registration)

  • Non-Members pay $180 (pre-registration)

  • At the Door (not pre-registered) $215


Do I have to be a member to be able to attend an ATSG seminar?

  • No, you do not have to be a member to be able to attend.


What will be covered at the seminar?

  • Please check our seminar page for the 2017 seminar coverage, if not, we will gladly mail, fax or email the information to you.


How much do the manuals cost?

  • $30 each for non-members and $25 each for ATSG members.


Are any of the manuals available for download?

  • Yes, ATSG manuals are available in our bookstore for download.


What shipping method does ATSG use?

  • ATSG ships via UPS.


Does ATSG sell any factory manuals?

  • Yes, ATSG does sell certain factory manuals which are available for purchase in our bookstore, but are not available for download.


What information is available on the ATSG DVD?

  • ATSG Domestic and Import manuals along with the ATSG Bulletins and ATSG Seminar manuals.


How often do we come out with updates for the CD’s and for the DVD?

  • Once a year.


If an update is purchased, will all of the information still be available from my previous disc(s)?

  • Yes. All of the previous information plus any additional new information will be available on your new disc(s).


How much does it cost to update the CD’s or DVD?

  • $50 for each CD or $200 for the DVD.
  • *You MUST purchase at full price prior to getting the pricing for the updates.