ATSG Audi 01J CVTComplaint:

After a rebuild, an Audi 01J CVT exhibits a gear ratio error code 17114 only after the transmission has reached and held its highest ratio while cruising. If driven around town in stop and go traffic the transmission operates correctly; even if its highest ratio is reached for a short period of time.  


During the rebuild process an incorrect width chain was installed.


There are various input and final drive ratios available with these 01J transmissions which, if the incorrect transmission was used could cause a similar complaint. As with many transmissions today, swapping one for another for a quick turnaround requires ensuring the identical overall gear ratio transmission is being used. When it comes to the 01J, transmission there is no exception to this rule.

There are two different width chains available depending on Model, a 34 mm (1.34") and a 38 mm (1.50") width chain. There are no charts that indicate which CVT models take the 34mm or 38mm chain. So if you are to replace the chain, order a new one according to the year, make, engine size and transmission code. The 3 digit transmission code such as a JZT or a GYJ can be located on the bottom side of the case.



34mm Chain: 331 301 BQ

38mm Chain: 331 301 BG


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